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Localised Public Safety Address Systems

VOX 1 is a voice announcing movement sensor controlled public address system.

Designed to remind customers about social distancing measures and safety precautions.



This product adopts the technology of infrared pyroelectric principle to sense human activity information. When someone enters the induction range, it can accurately identify human activities. It looks like a cat’s eyes, not depending on the light. Even in the dark environment, it can work stably and reliably, overcoming the shortcomings of light induction. It is small and exquisite, easy to carry and has a beautiful sound. With the human body induction trigger, it has a wide induction range, sensitive trigger, intelligent triggering, no need to have manual operation. One of the main characteristics is using our company’s mature human body induction technology. When detecting the human body passing it will give warm prompts, warnings and welcomes at the first time. According to different applications, different audio files can be switched or replaced at any time.


Pyroelectric infrared sensor induction Support wav audio format Recording function Built-in 56 tones. 29mm 8Ω/0.25W speaker Three AAA batteries or MicroUSB for power supply

Technical Peramiters

Power supply External power supply DC5V or 3 AAA dry batteries(DC4.5V) Working current Sleep status ≤100(uA) Playing status ≤60(mA) Audio format WAV Sample rate: 14Khz Audio output 8Ω/0.25W Infrared induction ≤4 meters (45°angle) Working temperature -10~35℃ Humidity 10~85%RH


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